Saturday, January 6, 2007

Can you meet half way around the world using email to find each other?

This trip starts out with weeks of planning and getting tickets on Lufthansa, flying Portland to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Bangalore with scheduled arrival January 9th. We had intended to meet our good friends who are in India touring after a couple of weeks volunteering at a clinic near Mysore at Mysore. So, going to Google, I found a great hotel in Mysore and made reservations, confirmed by email. Several days later our friends emailed to say they are ready to leave Mysore and how about Kerala. After numberous emails we think we will meet in the city of Trivandrum on the coast of Kerala, miles away from Mysore, not even in the same state. Through another friend I have an email address of her co-worker who is currently visiting his family home ivandrum and who has offered to send a driver and car to pick up us at the airport, and of course stay at his house. Our other Portland friends don't want to do that since they feel they have had enough freeloading in Indian family homes, so we declined the generous offer. I do hope that we will be met by a car and driver in Trivandrum, get to visit the friend of a friend and his home, and meet up with our friends. It will be exciting to see if we end up in the same hotel, let along the same city half way around the world in two days from now. Stay tuned.

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