Monday, September 22, 2008

Telč, Moravia, Czech Republic

We have been on the Prague to Vienna Greenway for five days riding about 25-30 miles a day. Each town or village we pass through is another wonderful place to look about and see how the buildings are built with stucco and slate or tile roofs. The country side has been hilly, with pine tree groves on the higher ground and fertile fields of corn, sugar beets and potatoes. The Prague to Vienna Greenway has been well signed, with a small yellow sign with a number, bike symbol and the logo for the Prague-Vienna Greenway on the one we follow. There are numerous bike trails that loop around the countryside, so we often have to stop, scout ahead and consult our map before heading down the trail. So far all of the trail has been on either narrow paved roads or short links of packed gravel and dirt through a park like setting.

Each town we have come into where we want to stay, except the first night, has had accomodation for all five of us. At first the food was blah, potato and bread dumpling and pork, sausage smothered in gravy. In the past few day we have found more interesting fare. The beer and wine are good. Moravia is a wine growing area, and the Czech beer, pivo, is a Pilsen and good.

From Slavoniče we took a short modern train for an hour to Telč with our bikes for about 3 dollars each to spend the night and have a look around this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The roofs on the pastel colored houses surrounding a large cobblestoned square are all gothic gabled, looking something like a roccoco Alamo roof. An covered arcade runs along in front of each house, with gracious arches. All of these buildings are at least 250 years old. The original building having been burned earlier after several invasions.

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