Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love birds at 7 Mile Hill

Our resident love birds, a male and female, have been fascinated with Noel and Alan installing the solar array on our 7 Mile Hill House. They twist their heads with curiousity when one of the guys whistles.
Michael discovered these feathered friends living in the scupper a couple of weeks ago. Their colors radiate green when they fly off chirping to a nearby field. The scupper and top of the down spout are full of bird poop and downy feathers; I think they cuddle down in the down spot. We are worried that they will become a tastey morsel for a hawk, or that the cold weather coming will do them in. But, they survived a frost yesterday morning.
A thoughtful person on Craigslist identified them as peach cheeked love birds. I had posted the picture of the male love bird looking out across the field on Craigslist hoping that someone who lost the couple would come to retrieve them. One woman on Gorgenet, a local on-classified website, contacted me that they might be hers. Maybe she will come get them, but I will miss their sunny chirping and flash of color.

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